Women Politicians are Openly Outraged

Written by FrontRunner

Two years ago, women in politics showing emotion would not have been received well. Women were expected to behave properly which meant they couldn’t be angry or they would come off as shrill but they also couldn’t be soft or they would come off as weak. Trump’s victory in 2016 contributed to this change. However, since the Kavanaugh hearings began, women politicians have become even more openly angry and outraged and have also been using their personal narratives and experiences that just a few years back would have been considered too emotional. Women are tired of not being heard and being expected to meet absurd societal expectations, and they’re tired of not being validated and effortlessly dismissed.

On Thursday, Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Clearly outraged at where our country currently stands, Warren said it’s time to fix our broken government which includes a woman at the top. She promised that after November 6, she will take a hard look at running for President.

Click here to read more about what women politicians are doing in these changing times in the full 10/3/18 article by Victoria McGrane from The Boston Globe.

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