Will Age Matter in 2020?

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One serious question that will affect what Democratic candidate is selected to represent the party in 2020 is age. Will the party be able to represent “youth”, change, and diversity when some of its top candidates now are familiar, older faces like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (69), Sen. Bernie Sanders (77), and Former Vice President Joe Biden (75)? Some strategists believe it will be a problem and that Democrats need a young candidate. Right now, there is a battle between generations: the millennials and the baby boomers. There are several candidates ready to step up if a younger nominee is needed like Sen. Kamala Harris (54), Sen. Cory Booker (49), and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (51). Though these candidates are not millennials, they are from a different, younger generation.

Biden has acknowledged that age is a legitimate issue. Voters deserve to know what kind of shape the candidates are in and what their health is like. Some Democrats do not think that age will be much of an issue when facing President Trump who is 72. One strategist says that age can just be a number; it’s about the years of your ideas and whether they reflect the ideals of the voters. Sanders, for instance, was able to attract a massive following of young voters in 2016. Young voters respected Sanders and his issues. What is important is to build a connection with voters and offer a suitable platform.

Click here to read the full 11/4/18 story which includes why Warren may not be the best fit by Amie Parnes from The Hill.


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