Which Democrats Qualify for the First Debates?

Written by FrontRunner

To participate in the first DNC debate, you have two options available to qualify: receive donations from 65,000 people (including 200 donors apiece in 20 states) or register 1 percent support in three polls from an approved list of pollsters. At this time, 17 candidates qualify to participate in the debates. However, eight of those candidates only qualify by receiving at least 1 percent in three polls, something easily achievable. The first debate will be divided across two nights with candidates being randomly assigned to each night.

If more than 20 candidates qualify for the debates, DNC will prioritize based on those who met both requirements. If further prioritization is necessary, they will then look at polling averages.

Click here to read the full 4/30/19 article by Maggie Astor, Denise Ly, and Matt Stevens from The New York Times.

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