What We Can Take from the Midterms?

Written by FrontRunner

Dems have taken the House, but the GOP holds the Senate even tighter. High-profile races in Florida (Gillum) and Texas (O’Rourke) lost on progressive campaigns but so did the more moderate governor campaign of Hubbell in Iowa. One thing that has been found is that the suburbs, which Trump previously won in 2016, no longer appear to be leaning Republican which could give Democrats an advantage. There are several other things we learned from the midterms. For any 2020 contender, it is best to check how you did back home. Bernie Sanders won Vermont with 67.4% of the vote and close behind him was Kirsten Gillibrand taking the vote by 66.6% in New York running ahead of Governor Andrew Cuomo who was elected to a third term with 69%. Elizabeth Warren did well in her state as well with 60% of the vote.

Though Dems were unable to win all of Iowa, they did make advances in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. New Hampshire is also doing well for Dems where they took control of the state’s two legislative chambers and won both congressional seats. One important issue that Democrats will need to address for 2020 is their branding. Though they are focused on health care, it isn’t being received well statewide. The 2020 Democrats need to appeal to all of America, and they need to be able to voice their opinions as big and successfully as Trump.

One important controversy that received some attention was whether the nominee needed to be a white male. In the midterms, Democrats had a lot of firsts: the first Muslim women won House seats in Michigan and Minnesota, first Native American women won House seats in Kansas and New Mexico, a lot of first women, and women of color, races were won for Senator, House member, and governor across America is several states including Massachusetts, Iowa, Texas, Maine, Tennessee, and South Dakota. Also, the first openly gay man, Jared Polis, will be the next governor of Colorado. This shows that most likely, women and people of color will not suffer if they run for a presidential bid.

Click here to read more about some of the things learned from the elections in the full 11/7/18 article by Natasha Korecki from Politico.

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