What Kind of Democrat Can Beat Trump?

Written by FrontRunner

In an interview with Corey Lewandowski, one of Trump’s presidential campaign managers, gives his thoughts on who would be most fitting to take on Trump in 2020. He believes that the right Democrat will need to be able to grab attention and be aggressive. There is the question of whether the Democratic nominee can avoid descending to Trump’s level and fighting aggressively and angrily. Many Democrats like Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, and Michael Avenatti think that this is the only way. However, other Democrats think the strongest strategy is to float above such behavior and focus on contrasting Trump’s campaign in a cleaner and calmer fashion. For example, Beto O’Rourke has done as well as he has fundraising and drawing crowds in Texas because of his positive, insistent, upbeat style. O’Rourke says that there has been a lot of concern for civility to make the country work again. One necessary trait will be the ability to grab the media’s attention to get it away from Trump and will need to have a strong presence on social media. Some say the candidate will need to be high emotion. Candidates will need to have a level of originality and ambition. The candidate should not react impulsively to Trump like Warren mistakenly did with her DNA reveal. They should not sneer or put down his supporters. Politicians with fewer years and shorter records have a greater advantage because they have less actions to defend and explain. They will need to be strong, direct, blunt, and consistent. Lastly, like Donald Trump, Lewandowski says the opponent will need to be a fighter.

Click here to read the full 11/2/18 story by Frank Bruni from The New York Times.


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