Warren Wants to Change Washington

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Senator Elizabeth Warren unveiled a sweeping plan to the National Press Club to remedy what she termed the “crisis of faith” in government. Warren spoke on Tuesday, August 21, and suggested specific reforms that woud really change the way Washington works. Many see this proposal as part of Warren’s attempt to raise her profile and prepare for a run in 2020.

Warren proposes:

  • A flat-out ban on any lobbying on behalf of foreign governments
  • Multi-year lobbying bans for federal employees (both Congressional staffers and employees of federal agencies). The span of time would be at least two years, and six years for corporate lobbyists.
  • A lifetime ban on lobbying for presidents, vice presidents, members of Congress, federal judges, and Cabinet secretaries.
  • Changing the rulemaking process of federal agencies to severely restrict the ability of corporations or industry to delay or influence rulemaking.
  • Requiring the Supreme Court follow the ethics rules for all other federal judges; boosting the transparency of federal appellate courts through livestreaming audio of proceedings; and encouraging diversity on the federal bench.
  • Banning Members of Congress, cabinet secretaries, federal judges, and other senior government officials from owning and trading individual stock;
  • Warren’s bill would also require that the IRS release tax returns for candidates, and that the president and vice president be subject to conflict-of-interest laws.
  • – She would also create a new Office of Public Integrity to enforce the new ethics laws.

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Click here to read Senator Warren’s speech.

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