Trump Mocks Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony at Campaign Rally

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President Trump made the poor decision to openly mock Dr. Ford’s testimony at a campaign rally in Mississippi. He imitated Ford mocking to the audience that she did not know the answers to questions like how she got there or got home, where the party was, etc. Up until now, Trump had been respectful towards Ford and tried to remain unbiased. However, he has now mocked her and also told the rally, “think of your son. Think of your husband.” Trump says that men are under attack in America and that lives are being ruined, but he did not think to acknowledge those women who have survived sexual assaults.

Trump’s rally has upset several Senators who are currently being considered swing votes for Kavanaugh. Flake, Republican Senator for Arizona, said that what Trump said was not right, appalling, and this was not the time or place for such remarks. Senator Murkowski says that the President’s comments were unacceptable and extremely inappropriate. Senator Collins also agreed that his remarks were just plain wrong. It’s hard to say if these comments will play a role in influencing their vote for Kavanaugh which is currently set for Friday.

Click here to read more reactions from Senators on the Kavanaugh hearings and Trump’s comments in the full article by  Seung Min Kim, John Wagner and Josh Dawsey from The Washington Post.

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