Town Hall with Beto O’Rourke Tonight on CNN

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Beto O’Rourke, who started the year out as a superstar gaining national attention for his unique campaigning style from his Senate race, has fallen into the shadows, likely due to him carrying this same technique to a national level. During his Senate campaign, O’Rourke traveled across Texas visiting every county. O’Rourke has used a similar tactic in his presidential campaign where he has held 154 town halls thus far. However, rather than participating in large, nationally televised town halls, he has held town halls in coffee shops, homes, and diners. Since joining the race, his poll numbers have dropped drastically, enough so that his team is rethinking their strategy and is attempting to rebrand. He will be participating in his first national town hall tonight on CNN in Des Moines. Iowa.

There is no denying that O’Rourke started out his campaign rocky. He received a lot of criticism when he kicked off his campaign on the cover of Vanity Fair and received more criticism after his first interview as a candidate where he made some controversial comments. In addition to this, there is no denying that Pete Buttigieg stole some of the limelight that O’Rourke expected to receive upon announcement.

O’Rourke acknowledges his faults and says that he is working to do a “better job.” Though he is struggling to regain his numbers in the polls, he personally driving more miles and holding more events than any other candidate. To improve his campaign, he is trying to make his personal town halls more accessible, participating in more televised interviews, and has recently rolled out some big policies. A few weeks ago, he introduced his $5 trillion proposal to combat climate change an signed the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge. And just this past weekend, he introduced a series of measures to reduce gun violence like “universal background checks, banning the sale of assault rifles, enacting a national “red flag” law that allows police or family members to ask a judge to remove firearms from people who could present a danger, and funding Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research into gun violence so we can not only continue to understand what’s happening but begin to address it.”

Make sure to tune into Beto’s town hall tonight.

Click here for the full 5/21/2019 article by Eric Bradner from CNN.

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