Sherrod Brown Will Not Run in 2020

Written by FrontRunner

Sherrod Brown announced last Thursday that he will not be running for president. Though Brown has been to Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina to test the waters, he has decided it’s best for him to support other Democrats and continue to push his message for “the dignity of work.”

“We’ve seen candidates begin taking up the dignity of work fight, and we have seen voters across the country demanding it — because dignity of work is a value that unites all of us,” Brown said, “It is how we beat Trump, and it is how we should govern.” Brown knows that other candidates are recognizing and talking about the dignity of work so “in that sense, it was mission accomplished.”

Brown says that he is nowhere near making an endorsement and will talk with all the candidates before that decision is made.

Click here to read the full 3/7/19 article by Daniel Strauss from Politico.

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