Senator Amy Klobuchar Questions Brett Kavanaugh’s Drinking Problem

Written by FrontRunner

One of the most cringeworthy reactions from Brett Kavanaugh came in response to Senator Amy Klobuchar’s question on whether he had ever been blackout drunk: “I don’t know, have you?” Klobuchar responded by recalling her own father’s alcohol addiction which has kept her from making such mistakes, and Kavanaugh still had the nerve to ask the same question again. Kavanaugh apologized after returning from a break.

In regard to 2020, Klobuchar is beginning to be considered as a potential candidate. If Democrats are looking for Trump’s polar opposite, Klobuchar is definitely in the running. Senator Klobuchar from Minnesota is “subtle, bookish, bipartisan, and a woman in a party that is increasingly nominating female candidates.” Since September 27, she has been receiving rave reviews, and she is certainly one of the most successful politicians from Minnesota.

Click here to watch Klobuchar’s question of Kavanaugh and to read more about this Senator and her possible 2020 candidacy in the full article by Aaron Blake and David Weigel from The Washington Post.

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