Politico’s Predictions of Midterm Results

Written by FrontRunner

Politico analyzed every race for the House, Senate, and governor to predict who they believe will win. Using historical trends, polling data, evaluations of parties’ campaign strategies and reporting, they have come up with their prediction. For each race the scale ranges from solid, lean, likely, and toss-ups. Right now they predict the House to have 170 solid seats towards Democrats and 135 solid seats towards Republicans. Then for Dems, it’s 20 likely and 16 leaning, and for Republicans, its 33 likely, and 31 leaning with 28 toss-ups for the two parties. This brings their prediction to 208 seats for Dems and 199 seats for GOP. For the Senate, Politico expects Dems to have a solid 14, 4 likely, and 4 leaning with Republicans having a solid 4, 1 likely, and 3 leaning. They predict Dems will be sitting at 45 seats, but GOP will be leading with 50 seats.

Check out this link for this thorough total breakdown for every race and what led them to this prediction from Politico.


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