Michael Bloomberg Claims Medicare-For-All Will Bankrupt America

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Former New York Mary Mike Bloomberg says that the popular policy of Medicare-for-all will not work in the US saying it would cost trillions of dollars. Bloomberg suggested Medicare for those who are not covered. These comments were made in response to Kamala Harris’ support for the policy last Monday night at a CNN town hall.

Potential candidate and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz agrees with Bloomberg calling the end to private insurance “not American.” Schultz says that he also doesn’t agree with Republicans efforts to abolish the Affordable Care Acts saying both measures are too extreme.

Bloomberg and Schultz also both oppose Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to tax Americans with a net worth over $50 million at 2% and an additional 1% levy on billionaires…which isn’t surprising considering they are both billionaires.

Click here to read the full 1/29/19 article by Caroline Kelly and Cristina Alesci from CNN.


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