Michael Avenatti Says Democrats Need a White Man

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Michael Avenatti says that the Democrats will have the best chance at winning the presidential election if they nominate a white male. In an interview with Time, Avenatti says that people tend to listen to white male more. He says that this shouldn’t be the case, but it is what it is. Avenatti later claimed this quote was false which led to Time releasing the full transcript of the interview which shed a little more light behind Avenatti’s words. Avenatti had said that women are in a difficult time facing Trump because if they don’t “hit hard enough, they’re soft…and if they hit back with the same force as a man, they’re classified as a bitch.”

Despite his claim, Democrats have nominated 180 women this year for House seats, which destroys the previous record of 120, and they have nominated at least 133 people of color making white males the minority in the Democratic House nominees.

Avenatti has announced that he will decide by January 1, 2019, on whether or not he will run against Trump. He has stated that he will only run against Trump or Pence in 2020

Click here to read the interview between Avenatti and Time in an article by Molly Ball.

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