Kirsten Gillibrand Introduces “Family Bill of Rights”: A Proposal to Make American Families Stronger

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On Wednesday, Kirsten Gillibrand introduced “Family Bill of Rights”, a policy proposal that is meant to cover a broad spectrum of assisting people with their families.

The proposal would fight pregnancy complications and maternal mortality by “providing states and hospitals with access to new resources to develop and implement standardized best practices.” Kamala Harris recently introduced a similar proposal, however, her proposal focused primarily on maternal mortality of minorities, specifically African Americans. Cory Booker introduced another similar legislation focusing on reducing maternal mortality rates.

Kirsten also would introduce equal adoption rights to prevent discrimination against future parents due to religious, class, or gender. She also wants to offer refundable tax credit so that adoption can become more affordable to decrease the number of children floating around in the foster care system.

As far as newborns, she wants to help new parents by creating a program called “baby bundles” which would send parents home with diapers, onesies, and baby mattresses, provided by the Department of Health and Human Services.

She wants to implement universal pre-k, paid family leave, as well as a universal program providing newborns with government-funded health care.

Kirsten suggests paying for this plan by implementing a .03 percent tax on every Wall Street transaction. She says this tax would raise over $777 billion over 10 years.

This agenda rolls out in the midst of the anti-abortion crisis, an issue where Kirsten has put herself on the frontlines.

If elected, Kirsten says she would pass the legislation in the first 100 days of her presidency. At this time, she is currently polling near the bottom. A RealClearPolitics average of recent national polls has the senator at 0.8 percent.

Click here to read the full 5/22/2019 article by Cara Korte from CBS News.


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