Kamala Harris Ride Kavanaugh Rage in Ohio

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Kamala Harris gained national attention during Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings where she combatively questioned him and earned herself the title of “badass.” The same weekend of Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Harris was in Ohio at the Democratic Party dinner where she cast the hearings as a “sham and disgrace” and urged Democrats to come out and vote in November so that they can take back the power.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation has fired up most Democrats who are fighting back rather than giving up. On Saturday, the National Democratic Training Committee reported its largest online fundraising week in history. Senators like Kamala Harris, Sherrod Brown, and Cory Booker have used this opportunity to help support Democratic candidates at several fundraisers in Ohio and Iowa. Harris has raised or donated more than $5 million for Democratic candidates and causes this year, and she and Brown appeared at several fundraisers this weekend to help raise money for the important swing state; Booker went to several fundraisers in Iowa this weekend as well.

Click here to read more about Kamala Harris’s trip to Ohio by David Siders from Politico.

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