Joe Biden Supporters Stick By Him

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Despite recent allegations from women of Joe Biden uncomfortably and inappropriately touching them, his poll numbers have not taken a hit. This likely due to Biden’s main support comes from older and more moderate Democrats. After the week of accusations, the latest Morning Consult poll shows Biden is still in the lead with 32 percent followed by Bernie Sanders with 23 percent.



The poll also surveyed early primary states separately which showed Biden leading with 38 percent followed by Sanders with 24 percent. However, Biden’s overall favorability has fallen a bit with those with a very favorable opinion of Biden dropping 10 percent since February. His net favorability has fallen by only 4 percent. Another poll conducted by Morning Consult/Politico found that 33 percent of Democrats viewed Biden less favorably after the allegations while 48 percent remained unchanged and 10 percent viewed him more favorably. This is likely due to the divide between young liberal Democrats and older more conservative Democrats. It’s still early in the polls, and a lot of things could change. The March 25-31 poll was conducted among 12,940 likely Democratic primary voters; the April 1-7 poll was conducted among 13,644 likely Democratic primary voters. The margin of error is +/- 1%.

Morning Consult has also created an interactive map to look at Donald Trump’s approval rating by state.

Click here to read the full 4/10/19 article by Perry Bacon Jr. from FiveThirtyEight.



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