Joe Biden Parody Campaign Page Gains More Traction Than His Real Campaign

Written by FrontRunner

When looking for Joe Biden’s campaign website, I happened to stumble across this little number –


At a glance, this looks like an official campaign website. After all, the web address is and when you search “Joe Biden Website,” on Google, it is the first link to pop up. However, Joe Biden’s actual campaign website is After a brief read of the page, you quickly learn that this is not his campaign site. Does his digital media team not know how important it is to purchase all available domains? Clearly not. And it’s a decision that they likely regret.

The entire website is a parody of his campaign playing GIFs of all the times Joe Biden has uncomfortably touched a woman as well as lists some of Joe’s “legislative accomplishments” like the following –


In addition to this, they have several unflattering quotes from Joe Biden as well as some laughable t-shirts. Accidentally coming across this site was definitely entertaining. Be sure to check it out here.


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