In Light of the Kavanaugh’s Hearings, Can Biden Overcome His Own Hill-Thomas Hearings for His 2020 Run?

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The Kavanaugh hearings have been causing a lot of controversy between Republicans and Democrats as far as who believes what. However, it has also been invoking a lot of questions and concerns for Biden whose former role on the Judiciary Committee led him to face a similar case in 1991. Biden led the aggressive questioning of Anita Hill who had made sexual harassment claims against Judge Clarence Thomas. Republicans are being accused of taking his statements, actions, and past remarks out of context, however, even Democrats are saying that Biden will need to show remorse for the Hill-Thomas hearings if he plans to run for president in 2020.

Biden has shown public regret for the way the Hill hearings unfolded but also doesn’t feel it is far for him to be held entirely responsible. Biden’s team has stated that he will not be deterred from running for president because of this incident. As far as polls, a recent Iowa poll found that Biden is showing a clear lead with a 94% approval rating.

Click here to read more about the Kavanaugh and Hill-Thomas hearings as well as Biden’s current plans for 2020 in the full 10/1/18 article by Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin from The New York Times.

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