Howard Schultz Plans to Refuse Partisan Bills

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Howard Schultz announced today that if he were elected, he would establish an informal partisan veto in Congress; he says that he would reject any and all bills that hadn’t been approved by both Republicans and Democrats. Schultz believes that both sides have good ideas and need to work together. Congress would likely come to a standstill.

Schultz says that he will decide on whether he will run as an independent by the summer time. He wants to fight for centrism as he sees both parties are currently headed towards extremism. Schultz says that his cabinet would be full of a variety of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents and would also have more women in his cabinet than any other president.

Schultz also promises to get the federal budget under control and reduce executive authority as well as ending the practice of partisan gerrymandering by pushing independent commissions to draw districts to preserve a party’s power.

Many Democrats are still angry about the idea of Howard Schultz running because they fear he will take votes away from the Democrats leading to a second term for Trump. Schultz says that this will not happen.

His last promise was the provide coffee to the White House – Starbucks coffee.

Click here to read the full 3/13/19 story by Michael Scherer from The Washington Post.



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