How Kamala Harris Could Take 2020 Nomination

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Though Harris has not announced her candidacy, her team is already developing a strong strategy to land her the 2020 Democratic nomination. Like several other contenders, Harris is currently heavily focused on Iowa where she’ll be visiting again next week. However, she is also focusing on states like Nevada South Carolina, and California where contests will have a higher value. She will also put together a coalition of Democrats in these areas. Advisers believe that she will be successful in Iowa due to her success in California and because of Obama’s victory back in 2008 that Harris campaigned for.

The next contest will take place in New Hampshire which may prove more difficult since she has yet to appear there while several other contenders already have an edge. Harris will instead focus on winning the black vote in South Carolina which could lead to winning more black votes in the Southern primaries. She would also campaign aggressively in Nevada and California where she’ll have the home-front advantage.

Click here to read the details on Kamala’s plan to dominate the primaries by David Siders from Politico.

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