Governor Steve Bullock Believes Money is Corrupting Government

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At the Iowa State Fair, Montana Governor Steve Bullock says that people’s faith in Congress and the federal government has been fading. This trust has been lost due to court decisions like Citizens United which opened up untraceable corporate spending in elections. Having this kind of money in politics has kept Congress from addressing serious issues because of the pull these corporations now have. Bullock says that until we address our corrupting system, we will not be able to address or fix any of the far bigger issues. Bullock believes that he is capable of restoring faith in our government because of his success in Montana. This is the third visit Bullock has made to Iowa this year, a clear indicator that he plans to run for president.

Click here to read more in an 8/16/18 article by Barbara Rodriguez from Des Moines Register and to watch Bullock’s speech


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