Female Donor Circles are Supporting All Female Presidential Candidates

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When Kirsten Gillibrand first joined the Senate, she spent some time traveling around the country helping to form female-centric donor circles that served to boost women in politics. Gillibrand helped to create the Electing Women Alliance (EWA) which is based on the Denver-based Electing Women PAC founded in 2000 that works to support women candidates for U.S. Senate and Governor. The EWA has 15 chapters across the country ranging in group size from dozens to over a hundred women, some of which have raised more than $1 million for candidates during any given election.

These circles could be key in Gillibrand’s funding efforts. However, these circles were founded on the idea of supporting all women in politics, and there are several other high-profile women running for president. Following Gillibrand’s own 2004 advice, the donors will spread their support to all female candidates in the Democratic presidential field. But ultimately, “Women donors want to give to whomever is going to beat Donald Trump, and women donors won’t just give to other women,” said one Democratic consultant, “they’re going to show up on a bunch of these financial reports — some for female candidates, some for male candidates.” Though these circles operate independently and are bound to donate to many candidates, Gillibrand has built a strong connection in this network over the years which will give her that much more advantage.

Click here to read the full 4/7/19 article by Elena Schneider and Maggie Severns from Politico.


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