False Sexual Assault Claims Against Pete Buttigieg Fall Flat

Written by FrontRunner

Internet troll Jacob Wohl, with the help of lobbyist Jack Burkman, attempted to frame presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg for sexually assaulting Hunter Kelly, a college student from Ferris State University. Burkman had apparently promised to buy Kelly a house in exchange for this lie, but Kelly could not go through with it. Both Wohl and Burkman tried to convince a different young man to tell the same lie about a week prior, but he refused. But Pete isn’t Wohl and Burkman’s first victim. Earlier this year, they attempted to make the same sort of sexual assault claim against Robert Mueller. Burkman had offered Carolyne Cass, Mueller’s accuser, $50,000 in exchange for her lie. Both men claim that both attempts were funded by the Trump administration.

The two had created a fake Twitter and Medium account under Hunter Kelly’s name but Kelly says that he never consented to them using his name in this lie. Luckily, Kelly came forward acknowledging the entire allegation was a lie before Pete Buttigieg’s name could be tarnished. However, Republicans clearly are beginning to see Buttigieg as a threat if they feel it necessary to create such lies.

Click here to read the full 4/29/19 article by Lachlan Markay, Kevin Poulsen, and Noah Shachtman from The Daily Beast.


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