Democrats Ahead in Funding for Key House Races

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Democrats have outraised Republicans in 32 of the closest 45 House races by more than $46 million. To take the majority of the House, Democrats need to fin back at least 23 seats. The Senate will prove to be far more difficult where they’ll need to hold 26 seats up for election, 10 of which are from states won by Trump in 2016, as well as flip at least 2 seats held by Republicans. As of October 15, Democrats have outraised Republicans in the majority of the 69 most competitive races reporting a total of $252 million to $172 million.

Democrats are using their funds towards aggressive advertising linking the Republican opponents to Trump, his positions and nomination of Kavanaugh as well as increasing funding the get-out-the-vote efforts. However, Republicans aren’t giving up; in two of the most contested races, Republican candidates have been contributing huge sums of their own money to try to get ahead.

Click here for more details on how much money the candidates in the most competitive House races have raised written by Sarah Almukhtar and Rachel Shorey from The New York Times on 10/15/18.

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