Cory Booker’s Early Start on His Presidential Campaign

Written by FrontRunner

Typically, potential presidential candidates wait until the day after midterms to get going with their campaign. Though Cory Booker hasn’t officially announced his campaign yet, he’s done everything he can to let us know that he will be running for president come November 7. Booker has visited 15 other states that have little or nothing to do with New Jersey lately. Following the Kavanaugh hearings, Booker went to Iowa for the Jefferson-Jackson dinner where he gave an inspiring speech that had the crowd on their feet four separate times.

Following the midterm, dozens of possible candidates will emerge, and those Democrats will have to choose between what type of campaign will they run: will they try to win over the old white guys or will they focus on winning states like North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

To see Booker’s speech and read the 10/7/18 article by Tony Leys from Des Moines Register, click here.

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