Bloomberg Speaks Up After Pittsburgh Shooting

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Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg called again for stricter gun control following the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh that killed 11 people and injured 6. Bloomberg said, “We just can’t keep going on this way,” in Detroit at a function supporting Bloomberg Philanthropies. Bloomberg says that “nobody’s trying to take away anybody’s guns. We should have reasonable background checks and not sell guns to minors. Don’t sell guns to people with psychiatric problems. Don’t sell guns to people that have criminal records.” Bloomberg believes that gun control needs to be addressed by local and state governments because the federal government is doing nothing.

The suspect, Robert Bowers, was arrested at the scene. Bowers is 46 years old with no prior criminal history and was not known to authorities. Over the past few months, he has a been a critic against the Jewish community and immigrants in general. He is facing 29 criminal counts, and the case is being treated as a hate crime which could result in the death penalty. This shooting follows the sending of several pipe bombs to conservative critics and shows the increase in violence affecting our country.

Trump condemned the shooting and said, “it was time to tone things down… and renew the bonds of love and loyalty that sustain us as Americans.” However, he also said the situation would have gone differently had there been an armed guard in the synagogue. This rings similar to Trump’s suggestion to arming teachers following school shootings.

Click here to read Michael Bloomberg’s statement following the shooting.

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