Big Gains to Come for Democrats in State Elections?

Written by FrontRunner

In our current political climate, Democrats have the upper advantage to gain hundreds of state legislated seats across the country which they lost back in 2010. Currently, the GOP holds 67 of 99 legislative chambers and holds exactly 1,000 more seats that Democrats. This year, however, voters will be electing 6,073 seats in 87 chambers.

Historically, Republicans tend to lose on average 350 seats during midterm elections. However, during the Obama administration, Democrats lost more than 960 seats. These kinds of results are expected because they’re heavily based on the current national political trends. As far as state elections, there is currently an even ratio of Democrats to Republicans in the state Senate with only one vacancy on the ballot, and in the state House, the GOP holds 11 more seats than Democrats.

Democrats are more enthusiastic and frustrated than they’ve been in the last several cycles. There have been signs that there may be a Democratic wave coming as Democrats have taken control of 10 seats so far this year in various special elections. However, Republicans have also taken two important seats as well in Pittsburgh and along the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas.

The last redistricting process helped Republicans take control both in Congress and many state legislative chambers. Democrats seem to think that this year, they’ll be able to overcome this and win even the most unfavorable districts. If they continue to have the kind of fire and determination we’ve seen, I think they have a shot at winning back those seats.

Click here to read the full 10/11/18 story by Reid Wilson from The Hill.

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