Avenatti Builds 2020 Political Machine

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Michael Avenatti has been assembling a team of Democratic political veterans who have assisted him in connecting with state and national officials, building a digital fundraising program, and putting together meetings with donors to prepare for 2020. Though he is currently suffering after his remarks to Time were “taken out of context” where he said the Democratic nominee “better be a white male”, he is still moving forward with his preparations and his team of 12 political advisers.

Avenatti believes that at this point in time, he will be one of the only people to successfully take on Trump. He says that he is tough and battle-tested whereas other potential candidates couldn’t handle this election.

Avenatti says that his foes would be shocked to hear the support that he has been receiving. It has been confirmed that John Robinson, Bernie Sander’s chief operating officer from his 2016 campaign, has been consulting Avenatti for two months and is likely to be his operations chief.  Jack Quinn, a former White House counsel for Bill Clinton, has been giving advice to Avenatti as well. Adam Parkhomenko, a Hillary Clinton adviser, has been acting as a liaison between Avenatti and DNC members, superdelegates, and state party leaders. Roger Salazar, an adviser for the Clintons, will be handling his media.

By November 7, Avenatti will have visited at least 20 different states to take a part in political events and has spoken with 20 Democratic superdelegates in the past 2 months. He also recently started The Fight PAC which he has used to fund his operation and other candidates. However, he has received scrutiny for keeping some of the donations made to O’Rourke for himself.

There are mixed feelings towards Avenatti from Democrats: some criticize him for his role in representing one of Kavanaugh’s accusers while others admire him as an anti-Trump icon.

Avenatti has some personal issues to sort out before he decides if he will run on January 1: he needs to deal with some legal entanglements including tax liens, a failing coffee business, unpaid rent, and eviction proceedings, and he is also dealing with his divorce and a suit from a former law colleague. Though he is dealing with all these issues, Avenatti says that they do not disqualify him, especially against Trump, and he will be honest about his personal life.

Click here to read the full 10/29/2018 article by Natasha Korecki from Politico.



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